"Myvideoad app" Privacy policy

I, the undersigned Thomas Moisson, Technical Director of D&T productions SNC in Geneva, Switzerland (D&T productions SNC, 14 rue du Rhône, CH-1204 Geneva) author and developer of the application for mobile devices called "Myvideoad", undertake to strictly respect for the confidentiality of the data that I have to handle in the exercise of my activity. In this, I undertake never to transmit or sell any personal information concerning the users of the applications mentioned and of which I could become aware in one or other of the following situations: 1. Exchanges by e-mail allowing me to communicate with users and may reveal the identity, email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers and photographs of the user. I undertake never to disclose this information to third parties. 2. The accounting documents that are sent to me as part of technical support and that may reveal the financial activity of the user. I undertake never to disclose these documents to third parties. 3. Screenshots sent to me for technical support that may reveal some of the user's financial activity. I undertake never to disclose these copies to third parties. 4. The proposed passwords allowing the user to connect and prevent access to his accounts and which may be known to me in the context of technical support. I undertake never to disclose these passwords to third parties.

In addition, the user has the right to delete his data. Upon request made by e-mail to the address support@myvideoad.app, the user must clearly mention his intention to delete his account as well as any other data which would be linked to his account. I undertake that the deletion of the data will be effective within 48 hours of receipt of this e-mail.

This commitment will continue for an indefinite period.

Done in Geneva on April 26, 2023.

Thomas Moisson

Technical director of D&T productions SNC.